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Every little helps! Look after our oceans

Food has always been the way to many a heart!  When your feeling down, if your enjoying company of friends, just plain hungry or wanting to experiment with different cultures on holiday, food plays a huge part in our general mind set.   

I am sure this passion for our food chain, has installed for even the most hardened sceptics over the way we treat our world, a realisation that we need to consider our consumption of plastic in our daily lives, as we see so many media pictures of our food sources, all being consumed,  by said plastic.  

Having spent so much of my life on the ocean waves, I am lucky enough to know quite how special the huge expanse of water the earth gave us really is!  

There is no hiding from the disgraceful times we find ourselves in,  with regards to mistreating our oceans, & therefore the abuse of the aquatic life living within it.  

Media has played an amazing role in educating us of the reality that lies within our oceans now, and its time to step up.   This last week I was humbled to see, a small family run business make their changes to how they interact with customers, in a way that does not burst purse strings but shows that EVERY LITTLE HELPS!

The same day I went to a dollar store, (we all love those) and felt an sigh of distain at the wall of plastic straws being sold in store, I felt a huge emotional turn as I watched my ten year old drinking partner sip through a pasta straw!  Not only was this a welcomed change but it was a the focus of the conversation that followed for the next 30 minutes, and all instigated by Lilly.   Metal straws are great she said, but they take on the temperature of the drink, it can be cold on your teeth, (or lack of them I thought with her gummy smile). Paper straws are good too, they are pretty, but they go soggy quickly, but works perfectly.   From the mouths of the future, pasta has always been a winner. 

Switch this for......

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