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Smoothies & Juice

This page is simply to give you some ideas on both Smoothies and Juices that you may add to your everyday diet. Whether it be for health reasons or general well being,  or simply as a treat once in while I hope I can inspire you to challenge yourself on adding some of those much hated green vegetables to your diet without even noticing. 

You will need either a good juicer or a Nutribullet. One is for the brave and the other who does not mind a little washing up time in exchange for not eating the chewy bits. ;-)

I did write a quick blog on whether smoothies and juice can be considered the same entity but in my opinion I ll stick to the smoothie being rather more of a treat than a healthy addition.

The Shot

Turmeric & Pineapple - This is quite literally a digestive & medicinal shot. I m not going to lie, its tastes pretty harsh but you can smooth it out with a tsp of honey if you so wish.

Turmeric (curcumin to many) is yellow in colour & has many considered health benefits, but like all spices you should read up on it and make sure that any of the side effects which have been noted are not related to any preceding conditions you may have. .

1 tsp Turmeric + 1 quarter pineapple, juiced.  Honey if your squeamish.

Beetroot, Apple & ginger - earthy spunky flavour right from the go!  It feels healthy and cleanes the blood.

1 raw Beetroot + 1 inch of fresh ginger + 1 apple

Apple cider Vinegar - several qualities this little burner provides but its not for the faint hearted, and if i m honest not something I would take every day.  Once again it has so many benefits from maintaining control over hunger cravings to medicinal factors and supposed cures for several maladies.  I truly belive it helps with colds and flu and also blood sugar levels but be mindful when taking this shot.. Dilute and possibly add a pinch of baking soda to ease the acidity on your teeth.

 1 Dspn Apple cider vinegar + small pinch baking soda and equal water

To Smoothie or Just Juice

Sometimes I m just too full to want a smoothie, but then again, whilst trying to avoid the fabulous bacon sarni, it can make much more sense to replace it with a silken smoothie and avocado toast.  

Juices are far more less offensive on the pallet especially if your a beginner,  introducing that ever green kale and raw spinach into your 5 a day, so the choice is yours for the taking.

The Evergreen - 

Apple, cucumber, kale or spinach, ginger, celery & avocado

The Balance -

Carrot, ginger, pineapple, cucumber

The life Boost -

Beetroot, orange, chilli, coconut water

The stabalizer -

Carrot, turmeric, honey, pineapple 

Immunity -

Apple, carrot, garlic, ginger & parsley

The refresher - 

Basil, carrot, lemon & peach

The filler - 

Beetroot, carrot & sweet potato

The morning after -

Lemon, tomato & watermelon

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