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Cocktails before Dinner

Sunset and cocktails, the two just seem to go together. For some its that ice cold beer and for others a crisp vodka & tonic with fresh lime is irreplacable.  Restaurants will often offer you an aperitif before your meal, and, at times that can be a tricky choice.  Do you stick to your regular tipple or peruse a menu and venture into the world of cocktails and its increasing demand world wide for more serious blending and entertaining of clients willing to dive in. I am going to introduce you to a few drinks which to me are more about food pairing rather than cockltail belnding and mixing, however, I would also like to introduce you to Jasmin Rutter, who whilst winning a competition held onboard some of the most luxurious yachts in the world, turned a hobby into a \"World Class" adventure.  I will be linking this page to her website and The Roaming Mixologist pages for you to delve further into the world of bar tending.  Enjoy 

Lavender Collins

For a syrup - 

Equal amounts of water & caster sugar. 1 x cup is perfect

1/4 cup lavender buds

For the cocktail - 

1 x genrous shot of vodka - chilled

1 x 1/2 shot of freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 x tbsp lavender syrup

1 x shot of Curacoa - blue rose & almond based liqueur also known as Parfait amour

Soda water

Method - 

Make the syrup by bringing the sugar, and water to the boil with the lavender buds.  When the sugar has disolved, continue to simmer for two minutes and then set aside to cool.  Once chilled remove the lavender buds through a strainer.   

Add the Vodka, lavender syrup, liqueur to an iced shaker, and shake!!!  Pour thorugh a strainer into a collins glass, top off with sda water and add a flower to decorate. 

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