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Ooh, yeah! All right! We're jammin': I wanna jam it wid you. We're jammin', jammin&#

September, I luv you. September is the start of my favourite month here in France. The 22nd sees the official start of autumn & although it sees the end of varying summer fruits, the markets are still full of the best fruits to make JAM! Jams, chutneys, savoury jams, pie fillings, the world is your jammy oyster this month. I m jumping in.

Of course some music is in order in the kitchen as my whole house honours a pletherer of smells, and there can be only one man who can really shout out how my day is playing out. The legendary Bob Marley.

So Thursday is market day here in my village, and the stalls have not let me down. Tourists have returned home and schools are back, and with that prices are down. Prices are so down that I m walking away with so much fruit and fresh mint, that I cant carry any more, all for the pricey sum of 12 euros!

I ve decided on a chipolte chilli & tomato jam, a fig jam & fig & ginger chutney, another mint jelly, a peach and tomato chutney & finally a pear & greengage with green chilli jam!!!!!!! Always room to experiment a little. "Ain't no rules, ain't no vow, we can do it anyhow:"

So I hope this inspires you a little to experiment when time allows. I m slowly posting recipes on my site,, and would love to hear from anyone that has enjoyed twisting as much as I do. "Jam's about my pride and truth I cannot hideTo keep you satisfied.True love that now exist is the love I can't resist,So jam by my side."

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