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Paint Provence with the FabUlous Tess Baker

This summer has seen the opportunity for me to be a small part of a rather FabUlous group of Artists, all who have taken the opportunity to join the amazing Tess Baker, Paint Provence. Whilst Tess provides the most stunning locations alongside some great tuition, I have been lucky enough to be part of the dinner table gatherings, enjoy the laughter that comes with every meal, and the enviable chat between guests as they share varying stories from around the world in their travels, accompanying the paint brush and palettes. Please take a look at and book a date for next year! Paint Provence is hoping to take a wild leap into the Caribbean this winter with two weeks in Antigua. I shall be joing the team and engaging with some local recipes whilst Paint Provence turns those violet Provence super colours into the stunning turquoise and a thousand blues on the artists Caribbean palettes.

Food is Art, and its simple colours provide a magnificent table of sumptuous dinners. Cooking As An Art was born in Hong Kong where I was totally blown away by the endless colours in the local markets. Tess s garden this summer was home to some incredible vibrant colours transferred to the table for everyone to enjoy. Below are Artichoke Blooms, Courgette flowers & Borage.

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