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Its always about compromise! Sometimes that means sugar.

Tonight was one of those beautiful nights. Clear sky, warm with a gentle breeze. It was perfect for pulling on those walking shoes and venturing out for a hike in the hills. I made it out of my front door and was hit with this distinct smell of my childhood days! You guessed it, Sugar. Actually, if i m honest there was a melange of smells wafting my way. A distinct smell of grease, bbq smoke, and there it was again.....sugar. I turned the corner of my petite street only to find a newly erected fun fair in my local square. The noise of a thousand ice cream vans all singing at once. Bells, whistles and screams from excited children all enamoured by the multi coloured ducks floating round and round and round on un obtainable hooks, and of course following their inquisitive and very rounded noses towards our friend (just for the night) sugar! I decided to saunter through the fair, breathe in the faint memory of my local annual September fair in Thame, and enjoy the ride. The long lines for that greasy burger and chips, French Churros rolled in sugar and accompanied with a Nutella dip, were nothing in comparison to the line for the Baba Papa machine....Sugar. To us British we know it as Candy Floss. To those Australians its Fairy Floss and to the good old USA, Cotton candy. It states that Europe adopted this in the 19th century, however for the Italians, Spun sugar was part of their food culture from the 15th Century, and that is what I find fascinating.

Whilst we live in a world which is educating us every day on our dietary requirements, I still find myself reading contradictions on so many words of wisdom that have been lent to guide us through life on a healthy path. Thus, I have decided that, sensibility & moderation will always be the key to a diet that we can all seek to keep us on track. Sugar will always be the enemy and one which I feel may never be reversed, but should we completely rule out anything that brings us just that short amount of lip smacking appreciation if its just on occasion.

There will always be alternatives, lets face it the Toffee Apple is half way there surely. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so what if its dipped in molten sugar and left to harden on its stick and wrapped in brightly coloured ribbon.

So, my walk, was interrupted by memories and ones which I cherish and will for ever more. I have managed to come through life with an understanding that a diet purely based on fairground food would not be a long term award winning way to eat on a daily basis, but I think we should still allow children to experience that pink coloured cotton candy, if only once a year.

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