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Beautiful Things! Make food POP.

This is a blog I am going to update and edit along the way. There are times during travelling when I come across some amazing artisans, a diminishing world of craftsmen and women around the world. Machinery has taken over so many roles to accommodate society as we live today with its growing numbers. Of course it provides opportunity to own things otherwise untouchable as costs of raw materials and man power sour, and like the preparation, we should never judge when there is a cheat on offer.

The beautiful island of Santorini in Greece is home to some amazing craftsmen and women, and when I walked passed the doors of this small but unforgettable shop in one of the many cobbled tiny streets that link tourism to the local trades, I knew I was in trouble. Back in the day the Sunday roast would have been privileged to sit on a platter like these, but today they are almost obsolete. I too, rarely sit to Sunday roast or have the need for such a plate, but I was to find a place in my home and in my mothers for these two incredible hand painted platters. I walked away a little lighter in pocket but felt happy to be able to contribute to a family run business and hopefully a long lasting and truly stunning trade.

In case your planning a trip, please support them too.

Sometimes you come across some amazing Artisans when you travel, and for me when I see anything that can serve or hold food, my eyes are wide open. When you see something that not only serves a purpose but helps for-fill the lives of others, then I m always going to try and support them, and this was one of those times. Hand made woven baskets, eye popping colours and great market carriers. Fruit baskets, picnic carriers or just to hold your hard vegetables, there is no kitchen that would not love this in it.

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