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Always find the silver lining

Whilst I am in Southern France, the land of sun, sand, wine and the holy grail of food,

its actually pouring with rain, and some very impressive skies lies above. The noise of running water as it streams down the streets is not that calming surf like or gentle wave breaking on shingle comforting sound. Its become rather an un freindly noise for June. The best way to ignore it further, is quite simply to head to my kitchen and cook. The first thing that catches my eye is the apron I was given by one subtle friend last year, who I might add, never refuses the offerings from my colourful kitchen here in Provence, but I m laughing in the face of reason and about to whip up another carrot & spice cake, to inhale later with freinds over a hot coffee and some good banter. The smell from the oven soon take over from that nonsense going on outside and a sense calm returns. Water features! replace with an oven and bake that cake.

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